2001 Sept - September 2001 PLAB-1 7 Motorist with cascate...

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September 2001 PLAB-1 Theme-Mx Ophthalmology-1 A. Eye washing B. Intra-ocular pressure C. Fluorescence stain A. Eye secretion swap culture D. Dactrocyst drainage E. X ray of orbit 1-- Blefarospasm, photophobia when a gardener trimming 2-- A pt p/w metal pieces to his eyes 3-- Headache, reduced vision in one eye, vomiting dilated pupil Theme-Mx Ophthalmology-2 A. Do nothing B. Steroids C. Laser photocoagulation D. Pilocarpine E. Lens transplantation F. Eye surgery 4 -- HT sudden visual reduction, red optic disc 5 -- An elderly 80 yr old has some black spots on macula and vision reduction 6 -- Vision reduction, ESR is high and elderly Theme- LOC A. Diffuse brain damage B. Cerebral haematoma iii. Extra d u r al h a e m a t o m a D. Subdural haematoma E. Temporal linear fracture F. Subarachnoid haematoma G. Epilepsy H. Depression 7 Motorist with cascate has an accident— no localization sign, bilateral plantar reflex up going 8 Rugby player has had a blow to his head,. And lost his consciousness then he was fine. And in the house his wife found him unconsciousness 9 An elderly person, falling several times in last few weeks—he is well now 10 47 yrs old man p/w suddenly starting severe headache, neck stiffness, loss of consciousness 11 a pt p/w incontinence and drowsiness after some contractions 1
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September 2001 PLAB-1 Theme- Poison Management A- Carbon-monoxide B- Warfarin C- Heparin 4. Ethyl alcohol E- Quinine F- Paracetamol G- Carbamazepine H- I- J- 16 - Condition in which pt was found his nasal involvement and nasal hairs sighing 17 - Condition in which Vitamin-k is given to improve pt. 18 - A 7 year old boy accidentally swallowed some unknown white tablets and now complaining of right hypochondrial pain after 12 hrs. 19 - The side effect is urinary retention, heart block and ……………………………… Theme- Drugs A. Opioid overdose B. Opioid withdrawal C. Triclics intox D. E. F. G. 24 --A pt-agitated, dilated pupils tremor. She demand her tablets which are not prescribed recently 25 --A pt. p/w resp. rate: 6/min, drowsy, small pupil, non-reactant to light Theme- GIS A. Chest x ray B. Abd us C. Amylase level D. Brain ct e. Barium enema F. Laparotomy G. Stool culture H. Blood culture I. Bulk laxatives J. Stimulant laxatives K. Colonoscopy L. Sigmoidoscopy 26 --Pt with severe epigastrium pain & tenderness. Hypotension resuscitation in progress 27 --After a cholecystectomy operation, a pt with hypotension, severe epigastrium pain radiating to back 28 --After an abdominal surgery, a pt. p/w subfebrile, distension, tenderness, and constipation, o/e no bowel sound 29 --A pt comes with diarrhea and abdominal pain following a meal. 30 --A middle age man after morphine abuse presented with constipation Theme- A. Candidiasis B. Ebstain-barr virus C. Diffuse esophageal spasm D. Achalasia E. Esophageal. Ca F. Pharyngeal pouch G. Barrett’s Oesophagitis 31 --An HIV+ p/w pain on swallowing & some lesion in the mouth. The underlying tissue is red when the lesion is taken off
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2001 Sept - September 2001 PLAB-1 7 Motorist with cascate...

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