2002 Jan - January 2002 PLAB-1 Heart management Management...

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January 2002 PLAB-1 Heart management A- Tissue plasminogen actvatator B- Heparin C- Heparin and DC cardioversion D- Streptokinase E- Warfarin F- G- 1 A man came to A&E c/o chest pain and breathlessness 2 hours ago, now there is no pain his ECG shows Q-waves in lead I, II and aVF. 2 A man came to A&E c/o chest pain and breathlessness. ECG showed Q-waves and ST-elevation in leads v1 to v3. 3 Man came to and e with irregular heart rate of 140. 4 Vaginal bleeding medical treatment A- Medroxyprogestorone depot form. B- COCP. C- Danzol. D- GnRH. E- Antifibrinolytics. F- Prostaglandin synthetase antagonist G- H- 5 A young woman 13 to 14 with painless vaginal bleeding. 6 A woman with painful vaginal bleeding e brown clots, she feels embarrassing going to parties’ wants a solution for her problem normal remedies over the counter didn't help. 7 A woman of 45 with irregular vaginal bleeding, she doesn't want any children. 8 A woman who is mentally retarded and living in rural areas c/o irregular vaginal bleeding. 9 Management A- Normal i/v line. B- CV line. C- Fluids @ of 20/minute. D- Endotracheal intubation. E- Oropharyngeal airway. F- Intravenous line. G- Blood transfusion. H- intraoseus I- 10 A 4-year boy dehydrated with blood loss, access at normal i/v line failed. 11 A 18 year old dehydrated access at normal i/v line failed. 12 A man has 10 % burns on the chest. 13 A man had burnt nasal hair and throat pain and injury. 14 Analgesia A-Opioid B-Increase opiate dose. C-NSAIDS D-Patient controlled analgesia E-Pelvic irradiation F-PCM. G-I/M opioid? H-S/C opioid? I- Oral steroid J- 15 A man has Seminoma testis, which have spread to pelvis normal analgesia didn't help. 16 A woman is anxious about some kind of analgesia after operation for her ca rectum. 17 A man had ca of arm with swelling normal analgesia didn't help. 18 A man has some carcinoma taking low dose NSAIDS/Opioid but still c/o of pain. 19 1
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January 2002 PLAB-1 Prostate. A-Thallium scan B-PSA C-Transrectal u/s D-Transrectal biopsy E-Transrectal resection. F-Gallium scan G-HLA status H-Bones survey I- 20 Man 60 years with Prostatic symptoms c/o sudden onset of backache. 21 Man c/o dribbling, hesitancy frequency his PSA is 120[raised]. 22 A man having adenocarcinoma prostate spread to pelvis side walls will be given chemotherapy Analgesia. 23 A 75-year-old mentally retorted man 24 Childcare A-Child safety conference B-Child care center C-Improve nutritional status D-Bones survey E-Coagulation screen F- G- 25 A boy brought to A&E with transverse fracture of humerus, no evidence of trauma found. 26 Boy brought with bruising in his arm where his mom supposed to hold him. 27
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2002 Jan - January 2002 PLAB-1 Heart management Management...

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