2002 May - PaperMay202PLAB Theme-1 Deafness A B C D E F...

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Paper May-202 PLAB Theme-1 Deafness A. B/L conductive deafness B. B/L sensorineural deafness C. Unilateral conductive deafness D. Unilateral sensorineural deafness E. Total deafness F. 1. Acoustic neuroma 2. Presbyosis 3. Otosclerosis 4. Noise induced deafness 5. Otitis media with effusion Theme-2 GIT diagnosis A. Crohn’s disease B. Ulcerative colitis C. Angiodysplasia D. Intussusception E. Sigmoid CA F. Rectal CA G. Caecum CA H. I. 6. Pt with h/o alternate bowel habits, most of time bloody diarrhoea, histology shows rose thorn ulcers 7. Pt with bloody diarrhoea, histology shows crypt abscess 8. Baby, crying too much, plain x-ray shows transverse line just below umbilicus 9. Old man with iron deficiency anaemia, Colonoscopy up till hepatic flexure was normal 10. 3-cm ulcerated lesion on 12-cm above the anus on Colonoscopy Theme-3 Vaccination in children A. Continue as per schedule B. Delay vaccine for two wks C. Give inactivated vaccine D. Try lower dose E. Don’t vaccinate F. 11. Baby who cried for two hours last time is due for MMR, pertusis 12. Baby with acute otitis media, & family h/o egg allergy is due for MMR 13. Baby with h/o cerebral palsy is due for MMR 14. Baby with AIDS is due for MMR 15. Theme-4 Prenatal pathology A. Spina bifida B. Down’s C. Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy D. Thalassemia E. Cerebral palsy F. Klinefelter’s syndrome G. Turners Syndrome H. Fragile X syndrome I. 16. Mother who has a son with this disease, now pregnant with a male baby, want to know if he has this disease too 17. Mother has positive triple test (high HCG, low alpha-fetoprotein) 18. Mother was advised to take folic acid in her pregnancy 19. Mother with a high alpha-fetoprotein level 20. 1
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Paper May-202 PLAB Theme-5 Mx plan for urinary obstruction A. Temporary catheterization B. Intermittent self catheterizations C. Trans urethral prostatectomy D. Permanent catheterization E. Suprapubic catheterization F. 21. Pt with diabetic neuropathy can not empty his bladder properly & always complain of residual urine 22. Pt comes with acute on chronic retention, & on rectal examination has large prostate 23. Pt comes after RTA & has blood in urinary meatus, urinary retention 24. Theme-6 Treatment of dehydration A. ORS (60 mmol) B. ORS (90 mmol) C. Water per os D. 0.9% saline E. 9% saline F. Nil by mouth G. Gastrostomy H. 25. A 6 yr old boy has been left in the car directly under sun for 6 hrs 26. A mother brings 2-yr old child who has 27. A pt is admitted in the hospital with stroke ,now it’s been 1 wk he is on i/v fluids as his swallowing is not still safe 28. A 24 yr man presents with deep burns on the anterior chest wall & upper limbs 29. Theme-7 Poisoning
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2002 May - PaperMay202PLAB Theme-1 Deafness A B C D E F...

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