2003 jan - Paper January 2003 PLAB Theme 1. Shock A....

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Paper January 2003 PLAB Theme 1. Shock A. Septic-gram -ve septicemia B. Cardiogenic C. Hypovolemic D. Anaphylaxis E 1. A young boy after eating peanuts suddenly develop difficulty of breathing with red oedematous lips. 2. Pt had an accident & fracture of pelvis & femur ,B.P-100/70, Pulse-90 4. A middle aged man has been operated for a perforated gall bladder. He becomes progressively drowsy with warm peripheries. BP 90/60, PR 110 Theme 2. Epistaxis A. Anterior nasal packing B. Post nasal packing C. Neomycin cream D. Pinching of the nose E. Reassurance F. Vit k G. FFP H. Ice pack on the nose 5. Pt on warfarin , comes with you with nose bleeds INR is 0.9 6. Boy has come with slight bleeding from nose 2 days ago. On examination of the 7. Pt came with BP-230/110, bleeding from nose, his circulatory system has been stabilized, nose ant. packing done ? but he continues to bleed 8. Girl has come with slight bleeding from ant part of nose . by the time she reaches a-e bleeding has stopped Theme 3. Fractures Of Wrist Joint A. X -ray of wrist scaphoid view B. Refer to ortho doctor immediately D. Isotope scan E 9. Boy fell from tree now has come with painful wrist x- ray taken was normal 10. Pt had a fall x- ray shows perilunate fracture . 11. Pt had a fall x ray normal , tenderness in anatomical snuff box 12. Pt had a fall, X-ray showed displacement of the radius Theme 4. Relation To Obesity A. Obstructive sleep apnoea B. Type 1 DM C. Type 2 DM D. Alcohol E. Cushing’s F. Hypothyroidism G. Polycystic Ovary Disease 13. Wt loss would help night sleep & this 14. Wt loss would even help to stop the medications 15. Stop of this would help in wt loss & vitamin deficiency 16. Surgery in this condition in a female would help in wt loss & improve this condition 1
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Paper January 2003 PLAB Theme 5. Delayed Milestone A. Fragile x syndrome B. Tay-sachs disease C. Bacterial meningitis D. Hypothyroidim E. Prematurity F. Duchennes muscular atrophy G. Fetus alcohol syndrome 17. A 4 yrs old boy can write his name & draw a circle & square; he walks with a lordosis 18. 3 yrs boy, has delayed milestones his 19. Girl can sort out cube 4 9 & is 97 percentile for her weight, but her head circumference is lower than normal 20. A six months old child, can smile, but has head lag. 21. Child was normal but then delayed milestones after a fever Theme 6. Psychiatric Management How Can You Help These Pts A. Methadone B. Propanolol C. Diazepam D. Acomprosate E. Zopiclone F. Risperidone G. Amitryptilline 22. A girl has oral numbness & limb paraesthesias after an argument with her friend 23. Pt a heroin addict - now in ward in withdrawal wants u to help him 24. An alcoholic now has been detoxified feel that he wants to remain off it but is scare he may relapse 25. Female with s-s of pain in chest; tightness, feeling like dying & sinking
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2003 jan - Paper January 2003 PLAB Theme 1. Shock A....

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