2003 july - Paper July 2003 PLAB Theme-1 : Perianal...

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Paper July 2003 PLAB Theme-1 : Perianal diagnosis: A. Anal Fissure i. Hemorrhoids B. Crohn’s disease C. Ulcerative colitis D. Perianal Hematoma E. CA Rectum a. Diverticulosis F. Proctalgia Fugax G.Anorectal Abscess H.Coeliac disease I. Fistula in ano J. Hirschsprung’s disease 1. A young lady gives the h/o fecal shooting with sudden; sever deep rectal pain lasting for a few minutes at night. Digital rectal exam is normal. 2. A 25 year old man with constipation & severe anal pain during defecation. Pain is so severe that cannot even allowed digital rectal examination. 3. A 32 year old female with very severe anal pain, o/e purple swelling at anus which is mildly tender. This started 2- months ago after her first child birth. 4. A 40 year old smoker with diarrhoea abdominal pain, weight loss, rectal bleeding & barium enema shows colonic strictures 5. A 45 year old man with anal pain on defecation, weight loss & change in bowel habit. Rigid sigmoidoscopy shows an ulcer 5-cm above the rectum. Theme-2: Abdominal pain: A.Renal Colic B.Crohn’s disease C.Acute Cholecystitis D.Perforated peptic ulcer 1. Diverticulitis E.Appendicitis F. Appendicular mass G.CA Stomach H.Cholecystitis I. Acute pancreatitis J. Ectopic pregnancy 6. A 19-years-old girl with fever abdominal pain which soon radiates to right lower quadrant. There is gardening in the right iliac fossa 7. A 20 year old lady presents with, shock & lower abdominal pain & bleeding. O/E tenderness in left iliac region. She is also having amenorrhea since 8 weeks. 8. A 32 year old pt presents with severe pain in loin radiating to groin. 9. A middle-aged women with peptic ulcer develops hematemesis. O/E tender abdomen & she is in shock. 10. A 40 year old woman with upper abdominal pain & vomiting, O/E diffuse abdominal tenderness was found. 1
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Paper July 2003 PLAB Theme-3: Mechanism of action of contraception: A. Kills Sperms B. Post coital contraception C. Decrease tubal motility D. Prevents implantation E. Prevents ovulation F. Inhibiting transplantation G. Thickens Cervical mucosa H. Anti-sperm antibodies I. Blocks spermatogenesis 11. POP 12. IUCD 13. Mirena 14. Sponge plus spermicide / spermicidal Jel used in vaginal barriers 15. COCP 16. Emergency Post coital progesterone alone pill 17. Depo-Provera Theme-4: Management of upper GI / H. Pylori: A. Fundoplication b. C. Metronidazole d. E. Sucrulfate F. Partial gastrectomy G. Lansoprazole H. Misoprostol I. Pancreatectomy J. Upper GI endoscopy K. Send for H. pylori serology L. Reassurance 18. A pt c/o epigastric discomfort, bloating after meals o/e epigastric tenderness & in Endoscopy H Pylori was found. 19. A 55 years old male c/o dyspepsia, dysphagia, & weakness. H/o weight loss. O/E; epigastric mass was found. On UGI Endoscopy shows a tumor in
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2003 july - Paper July 2003 PLAB Theme-1 : Perianal...

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