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Paper-May-2003 PLAB                                        May 2003, PLAB Part 1 Exam Theme: Post operative Complications 1.Second postoperative day, blood test shows a MCV of 110. What is it due to? Theme: Trauma 1. Pt presents to you in A and E with history of trauma .GCS of 10.No focal neurological signs. What is the next step you do? Theme: ENT 1.A boy with blow to the ear comes with bleeding per ear. I am not sure if they had given perforated eardrum in this same patient. What is the next immediate step you would do? Theme: Non accidental injuries 1.A baby brought to you whose fundus examination shows retinal haemorrhages. What investigation do you do? 2.Child with blood from mouth brought to you. On exam, you find frenulum tear. Again investigation? 3.A child with recurrent multiple fractures-Looked like osteogenesis imperfecta. What investigation? Theme: Ectopic 1. IVF patient with 2 embryos implanted 8 weeks ago presents to you with brown vaginal discharge. HCG is positive. What investigation do you do? Investigations were: Colposcopy, USG, etc, etc. Theme: Pre operative assessment: 1.A patient with long history of asthma waiting for cholecystectomy. Investigation you would do. Theme: Poisoning 1. A patient with respiratory depression, pin point pupil, etc. 2. Pt presenting with hypotension alone. 3. Pt poisoned with some drug who developed acute liver failure after 4 hours of consumption. 4. Pt with anti cholinergic side effects and arythmias. 5. Arythmia, change in vision and so on.-Digoxin. Theme : Side effects of drugs 1. Pt with sudden opisthotonus, akathesia, etc.-Metoclopramide. 2. Side effects of Lithium-tremors, etc. Theme: Burns-management 1. An electrician burnt his fingers of dominant hand 2. A baby with about 3% of burns 3. A 40 yr old man with 40% of scalds 4. The guy with the singed nostrils (repeat) Theme: Fracture-Diagnosis 1. The child with no radial pulse felt (rpt) 2. The POP gets wet and now a fracture earlier none seen (rpt) 3. Baby cries whenever lifted, difficult delivery (rpt)
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Paper-May-2003 PLAB                                        Theme: what will you do next (something along that line)(rpt) 1. A nurse with needle injury - HIV patient, she is immunized against HEP-B, what will u look for in the next months. 2. Similar to the above scenario but here the nurse thinks she might already be HIV positive. What
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2003 MAY - PaperMay2003PLAB May 2003 PLAB Part 1 Exam Theme...

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