2003 Nov - Paper November 2003-PLAB Theme-1 Diabetes...

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Unformatted text preview: Paper November 2003-PLAB Theme-1: Diabetes mellitus A- Excess insulin B- Relative deficiency of insulin C- Absolute deficiency of insulin D- Deficiency of catecholamines E- Excess of catecholamine F- Deficiency of glucocorticoids G- Excess of glucocorticoids H- Hypoglycemia I- Hyperglycemia 1- Young man, obese, hyperglycemia but no ketosis 2- Female with all signs/symptoms of Cushing’s disease 3- Old man with signs & symptoms of hypoglycemia 4- Theme-2: Causes of hypertension. A- Renal artery stenosis B- Conn’s Syndrome C- Pheochromocytoma D- Pregnancy E- Cushing’s F- Steroids induced 5- 45-year old obese women with moon face, hirsutism & hypertension 6- Pt with Hypertension, hypokalemia & altered serum phosphate 7- Young pt had Hypertension with bruit in abdomen. 8- Hypertension with pallor palpitation 9- Theme-3: Differential Diagnosis of thyroid disease A- Hypothyroidism B- Drug induced C- Treated hyperthyroidism D- Anaplastic CA E- F- Papillary CA G- Thyrotoxicosis H- I- 10- 45-year-old female with palpitation, tachycardia & diarrhea. 11- Pt with exophthalmus, but no other signs of hyperthyroidism. 12- Thyroid disease following amiodarone for arrhythmias 13- 75-year old female with hard fixed thyroid-swelling shows poor response to medicines. 14- Lady presented with diarrhea, all investigations done but no cause found. Theme-4: Investigation Bites- Repeat A- HIV antibodies B- Skin prick C- Skin swab culture D- Blood film for malaria parasite (thick smear) E- Lyme serology F- Immunization G- H- 16- Girl walks in forest & bitten from an insect, develops a red lesion. 17- A middle age Police officer bit by an i/v drug user 18- Man returns from Zambia with fever & rigors 19- A pt returning from ancola & with some symptoms ______________________, 1 Paper November 2003-PLAB Theme-5: Chronic renal failure management A- Erythropoietin B- Captopril C- Haemodialysis D- Beta Blockers E- Ca ++ channel blocker F- Spironolactone. G- H- I- 20- Pt with hypertension, asthma & Renal failure what will be the next step? 21- HIV positive pt with serum Cr 1300 & serum-K 7.0 what will be the next step? 22- End stage renal failure with anemia 23- Renal failure due to polycystic kidney & hypertension Theme-6: Palliative Care (Analgesia) A- i/v morphine B- i/v benzodiazepines C- Paracetamol D- TENS E- Oral benzodiazepines F- S/C morphine thru syringe driver G- i/m morphine H- Steroids I- Radiotherapy J- S/C opioid 25- Man with CA prostate wants relief from skeletal pain as opioids failed. 26- Man with CA pancreas in last stages but suffering from pain, not responding to i/v morphine 27- Man with CA bronchus c/o anorexia & breathlessness after surgery. 28- Pt with CA breast c/o edema & pain in arm....
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2003 Nov - Paper November 2003-PLAB Theme-1 Diabetes...

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