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Chapter 21 - Chapter 21 Review Questions 2 Describe the...

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Chapter 21 Review Questions 2) Describe the different manifestations of progressivism at the local, state, and national levels. To what extent did progressives redefine the role of the state in American politics? Progressivism manifested itself at many different levels. At the State and National level, progressives believed that trained experts could make government and industry more efficient, and they hoped to have trained experts placed in our Government. Another manifestation of progressivism was in women’s rights. At the local level woman fought for social equality and equality in the workplace in terms of pay and working hours. They successfully brought down working hours for woman to 8 hours a day, but equal pay was never really achieved. At the state level, more power was given to the mayors, more appointed administrators were used as well as more career civil servants. City commissioners were created and each was given a different city department to run. The Golden Rule also became a social norm on the local level. Progressivism attacked the
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