Chapter 26 - 1956. New Frontier John F. Kennedys domestic...

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Chapter 27 Vocabulary Federal Highway Act of 1956 – Measure that provided federal funding to build a national system of interstate and defense highways. National Defense Education Act – 1958 act that allocated $280 million in grants for state universities to upgrade their science facilities, created $300 million low-interest loans for college students, and provided fellowship support for graduate students planning to go the college and university teaching. Landrum-Griffin Act – 1959 act that widened government control over union affairs and further control over union affairs and further restricted union use of picketing and secondary boycotts during strikes. Geneva Accord – Accord that called for reunification and national elections in Vietnam in
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Unformatted text preview: 1956. New Frontier John F. Kennedys domestic and foreign policy initiatives, designed to reinvigorate sense of national purpose and energy. NASA Federal agency created in 1958 to manage American apace flights and explorations. Alliance for Progress Program of economic aid to Latin America during the Kennedy administration. Bay of Pigs Site in Cuba of an unsuccessful landing by fourteen hundred anti-Castro refugees in April 1961. Cuban Missile Crisis Crisis between the Soviet Union and the Untied States over the placement of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba....
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