Chapter Three - ChapterThree:Vocabulary Joshua Wexler - G...

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Chapter Three: Vocabulary Joshua Wexler - G 1) Beaver Wars: Series of bloody conflicts, occurring between 1640’s and 1680’s, during which the Iroquois fought the French for control of the fur trade in the east and the great lakes region. 2) House of Burgesses: The legislative colonial Virginia. First organized in 1619, it was the first institute of representative government in the English colonies. 3) Indentured Servants: Individuals who contracted to serve a master for a period of four to seven years in return for payment of the servant’s passage to America. 4) Puritans: Individuals who believed that Queen Elizabeth’s reforms of the church of England had not gone far enough in improving the church. Puritans led the settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. 5) Pilgrims: Settlers of the Plymouth Colony who viewed themselves as spiritual wanderers. 6) Separatists: Members of an offshoot branch of Puritanism. Separatists believed that the Church of England was too corrupt to be reformed and hence were convinced they must “separate” from it to save their souls. 7) Proprietary Colony: A colony created when an English monarch granted a huge tract of land to and individual of group of individuals, who became “lord’s proprietor”. 8) Quakers:
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Chapter Three - ChapterThree:Vocabulary Joshua Wexler - G...

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