Chapter Two

Chapter Two - Chapter2:FocusQuestions 17:53

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Chapter 2: Focus Questions 17:53 1) What was the European of American Colonization 2) How did the Spanish create a New World empire and extend it into North America 3) What was the large-scale intercontinental exchange of peoples, crops, animals, and  diseases? 4) What was the French role in the beginnings of the North American fur trade. 5) How did the English create their first overseas colonies in Ireland and America?
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Chapter Two Vocabulary 1) Reconquista – The long struggle, ending in 1492, during which the Spanish conquered the Iberian Peninsula back from Muslim occupiers. 2) Treaty of Tordesillas – Treaty negotiated by the pop in 1494 to resolve the territorial claims of Spain and Portugal 3) Protestant Reformation – Martin Luther’s challenge to the Catholic Church, initiated in 1517, calling for a return of what he understood to be the purer practices and beliefs of the early Church. 4)
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Chapter Two - Chapter2:FocusQuestions 17:53

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