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Chromatography Lab Procedures

Chromatography Lab Procedures - B Chromatography 1 Obtain...

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Chromatography Lab Procedures ([email protected]) A) Extraction 1) Obtain two spinach leaves and dry completely. Avoid it coming into contact with any liquids. 2) Acquire a mortar and pestle. Place the leaves into the bottom of the mortar so that the bottom is completely covered. 3) Add a little bit of sand to the mortar. 4) Using the pestle, grind the sample in the mortar until its is completely reduced. 5) Make the solvent, 2ml of acetone and hexane, a 1:1 ratio, and pour it into a graduated cylinder. 6) Scoop the reduced spinach extract into the graduated cylinder with the solvent and mix. 7) Decant the solution with a pipette into a beaker, leaving behind any precipitate in the graduated cylinder.
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Unformatted text preview: B) Chromatography 1) Obtain three chromatography plates and three test tubes. 2) Pour acetone into one test tube, hexane into another, and a 1:1 ratio of acetone and hexane into the third. Make sure the solvent in the test tube does not exceed a height of about 1cm. 3) Draw a line on each of the chromatography strips about a little over 1cm from the bottom. 4) Using capillary action, put a dot of the spinach extract, just above the line you just drew, on each chromatography strip. 5) Place one strip in each test tube and cover the top with parafilm. 6) Let the strips sit in the solvent for 10 minutes. 7) Remove the strips and let them dry. 8) Calculate the Rf values....
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