Conquest2 - Throughout the history of the settlement of the...

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Throughout the history of the settlement of the New World, barley a year could by without a violent conflict caused by the Europeans to arise. The key factors leading to these violent confrontations included the pursuit of wealth, exploitation of the Native American resources, efforts to convert Natives to Christianity, and territorial disputes. Oddly enough, not a single country managed to settle the New World without sparking huge amounts of violence. When it comes to relations with the Native Americans, the French are often thought of as the only ones who were able to maintain a peaceful and prosperous relationship with the Indians. France’s pursuit of wealth however led to many violent conflicts between Native tribes. One of France’s biggest industries in the New World was the fur trade. The skilled Native American trappers would trade they furs to European traders in return for metal knives, kettles, firearms, ect. Over time the natives grew dependent on European goods, leading to all out warfare between native tribes over hunting grounds. Even more, in 1609 and 1610, the French allied with the Hurons, a native tribe that had access to rich fur hunting grounds, and helped them attack their long time enemy the Iroquois. As can be plainly seen, the French’s pursuit of wealth through furs caused many violent confrontations between natives, and a few between the French and the Iroquois. A second nation not commonly associated with causing violent native conflicts is
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Conquest2 - Throughout the history of the settlement of the...

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