Consistency Neg - I negate. Observation: The affirmative...

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I negate. Observation: The affirmative must defend felons never losing their right to vote. One is deemed a felon the moment of conviction so the affirmative must defend felon’s retaining their right to vote while incarcerated. Restoring the right after incarceration would have resulted in some deprivation of the right and reacquiring the right after one’s release would not have been a continuation of the right. Therefore, it is a sufficient for the negative to reject giving the felon’s their right to vote while they are imprisoned. A large portion of topical literature deals with this sort of temporary disenfranchisement, and only 8 states actually have lifetime disenfranchisement laws for felons, which makes this the most predictable interpretation for the negative position. I value legitimate rights restrictions, as the resolution asks if society ought to deny a right to a group of people. Rights are context dependent, meaning that some groups of people gain additional rights while other groups are denied rights because of the abilities, actions, or duties of the group. For example, doctors have the right to cut people open for surgery while the rest of society doesn’t because they lack training to do so safely. Similarly, 12 year-olds are not allowed to drive because they lack experience and good judgment. The resolution presupposes we can hold individuals accountable for their actions since a felony conviction carries a mandatory sentence of at least 1 year in prison. Therefore, my criterion is consistency with action, meaning that rights can be limited when they are restricted in a way that conforms
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Consistency Neg - I negate. Observation: The affirmative...

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