Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson - 17:38 Emily Dickinsons style (dashes,...

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17:38 Emily Dickinson’s style (dashes, unusual capitalizations, vivid metaphors, ect.) gave rise to a later group of Modern American poets who would be known as The Imagists. Some Things There Fly That Be AAA, BBB, CCC Expound: to explain Things that rest: Soul and birds Controlling idea emphasized at the end of the poem “How still the riddle lies” Riddle The riddle of what happens after death Question of the soul Still Not moving Riddle is still there Dead – Not speaking Lies Remains there Lying there Not the truth
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This is My Letter to the World “For love of her Her could refer to nature or to her countryman She saw each of her poems as a letter to a world She expected most of her poems to be read after her death In her poetry she is going to write primarily about nature “The simple News that Nature told” “To hands I cannot see” She’s giving her poems to someone after her death to publish and read; someone she can’t see because she is going to be dead. I Never Saw a Moor (2 versions)
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Emily Dickinson - 17:38 Emily Dickinsons style (dashes,...

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