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English Notes 2 - o Duped into being punished; the scout...

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17:15 Walt Whitman “Leaves of Grass” Organic Structure – growing, changing, becoming… (12 Poems in 1 st edition, 1855; 389 poems in deathbed edition, 1892) 10,500 lines Structural Technique Journey Motif (Provides framework to entire poem) Major Symbols: The grass, the sea, the shoreline, the open road, the stars, and the birds…) Cataloguing (repetition of themes, motifs, images, ect.) The Occurrence At Owl Creak o Takes place in Alabama “He had never know he had lived in such wild country” o The detail that foreshadowed his death o Your whole life flashes before your eyes when you die o Three parts to the story Part 1: Media Res (starts in the middle of the story) o Preparation of the hanging Part 2: Flashback that explains why he was there
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Unformatted text preview: o Duped into being punished; the scout from the North dressed as if he was a Confederate solider o He wanted to make sure the bridge stayed intact because it was a major supply line for the North o He was going to set the brush on fire that surrounded the bride because of the high waters • Part 3: The execution scene and him thinking about escape o He evades the solider when the rope breaks and makes it break He is thinking this as he is falling; he actually dies o Motif of the slowing down of time • Driftwood was moving along slowly • His watch starts ticking o Hyperesthesia – acutement of his senses o Real time seems to slow down in his mind...
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English Notes 2 - o Duped into being punished; the scout...

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