English Review - Major writers and works, the major...

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Major writers and works, the major periods, and the major philosophical ideals of these periods. I. General Information II. Self-transformation: You can become a better person either morally or monetarily. III. The America Dream: “The City on the Hill” IV. The solar cycle – movement through the day, seasonal cycle movement through the years, organic cycle – movement through life V. Human, Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral worlds VI. Theory of Imitation: VII. Theory of Effect: The emotion effect - Poe VIII. Theory of Expression: An expression of the life and times of the author IX. New Criticism: The more structural integrity it has X. Ontology: XI. Epistemology: XII. Axiology: XIII. Logos: Logic XIV. Pathos: Emotions XV. Ethos: Ethics XVI. Oxymoron: Two contradictory words XVII. Paradox: Two sentences or expressions that contradict XVIII. Couplet: Doesn’t complete a full thought XIX. Heroic Couplet: Expresses a complete though XX. Diction: Word choice XXI. Syntax: Word order XXII. Elegy: Written in praise of someone XXIII. Eulogy: A speech delivered at a funeral Revolutionary Period: 1750-1800
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English Review - Major writers and works, the major...

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