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Geography Religion Achievements Social Structure Egypt was very isolated from other civilizations. It was very hot. Nile river predictably overflowed and dropped off silt making the soil fertile. Egypt was largely self sufficient due to it’s fertile soil cause by the silt from the Nile. They valued continuity. They prayed to their Gods to keep up the good fortune that was rained down upon them. They also thought that their Pharaoh was a god. Their main God was Ra-Amon a combination of the head god and the God of fire. They were obsessed with the afterlife and even had a book of the dead. They were very into mummification and build immense tombs such as the pyramids for their deceased rulers. Because Egyptians were isolated for so long, they were very reluctant to change. Change was not welcomed as a universal good because things worked fine the way they were and the Gods were happy with the way things were going. Their was no need to reinvent the wheel. The Egyptian social structure was very benevolent and worked with the individual. Because they were not under a constant threat, people could work for themselves and advance and become successful. This system helped people achieve their full potential. There were big agricultural surpluses allowing for people to take up free labor. Mesopotamia was wide open to other civilizations and almost served as a crossroads between the east and the west. There was constant migration of nomads through this area, which lead to the area being highly competitive. Rivers often flooded, there were big droughts, and harsh weather such as hurricanes. Mesopotamians had very anthropomorphic gods. They also had many origin myths. They were very fatalistic in their beliefs. They prayed to their gods not to be destroyed. They did this because they were always being bombarded with these random and harsh weather patterns and constant warfare. Mesopotamians were
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GRASPED - Geography Religion Achievements Social Structure...

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