I felt that my presentation went extremely well

I felt that my presentation went extremely well - seminar...

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I felt that my presentation went extremely well, and I was impressed with my ability to be able to go up and speak in front of my classmates. For the beginign of my seminar I began by telling the class a little bit of backround information about the author. I thought that this was a good idea because it gave the class a bit mor information about Jean Toomer’s life, and about the time period in which the stori was written. After I gave the class this information, I didn’t even look at my notes to check what was next on my list of topics. Instead I opened the book and pulled out different passages that I thought were important to the story, and vital for the class to understand. This worked out very well because talking about these passages made the rest of my
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Unformatted text preview: seminar flow, and led the discussion onward to talk abou the characters. One thing that I could have improved on was my note length. As previously stated I thought I had had enough information to last me for the class, but I ended up having to say some different things that weren’t in my notes. The discussion however, worked in my favor because my class mates brought up some new and interesting points that allowed me to expand my presentation. I am very grateful to have had this experience because it allowed me to get over my “stage fright” a little bit, and allowed me to be able to see things from a different perspective....
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