Justice is power

Justice is power - power then justice cannot be power>...

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Justice is power: If I win the framework I win the round because it’s a syllogism. Def of Justice: Run the anti-def of justice Sub-point a) Chin card Chin card doesn’t even talk about justice Can’t sacrifice yourself for justice but u can sacrifice yourself for justice -> A solider You don’t have to be obligated to take just actions, human naturally take just actions Sub-point b) Zupancic Card Can’t conflate ethics with the state because ethics apply to individuals only Ethic don’t apply to the state and the state Turn -> Submit yourself to the other as soon as you see their face -> def of justice is
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Unformatted text preview: power then justice cannot be power -> Ethics are individual and partial and states are non partial Sub-Point c) Wikenstien No impact don’t let them make a new impact Just because we can’ feel the other doesn’t mean we should intend to hurt them Russell Card We can voluntarily take a just action -> soilders Flak Card T-Shell It’s unjust to assert force over someone because Blackburn Card No warrant Sandell Card T-Shell...
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