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1) After fifteen minutes of searching the internet for a story of success of failure involving a laboratory notebook, I cam up empty handed. However, I did find an interesting article about the importance of properly maintaining a laboratory notebook when it comes patenting inventions. When there is a dispute over which inventor had the original idea, proof of the date of invention is very critical. One scientist’s word over another’s is not enough to establish who came up with up with invention first, rather some type of written evidence is required. The most common and most reliable form of documentary evidence is a properly maintained lab notebook. As long as the notebook is properly maintained; no pages have been added or removed, the first page lists your name, the goals of the experiments, etc, you include your own thoughts and ideas, etc, then it will hold up in court as proof that either the invention is in fact yours, or that at least you were the first to invent it. 2) When it is said that a salt is soluble, it means it can be dissolved in another substance.
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