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Reflection Paper If I could do anything differently on paper, it would be to utilize better word choice. While I’m not looking to fill six pages with 25-cent words, I would have like to have more heightened language throughout my piece. Expanding my vocabulary is one of my goal for this year, and by my last paper I hope to be writing on a level worthy of my placement in English 109H. I had three things I wanted to accomplish after the peer reviews on Tuesday. First, I wanted to make my pronoun usage more consistent as it was all over the place. I was able to fix that. Secondly, I wanted to identify how Graham’s use of metaphor was different from other authors. I needed to figure out what set him apart. I believe I was able to accomplish this to the best of my ability, however as I was not really sure of the different ways metaphor is used, this area can probably still use some improvement. Finally, I wanted my body paragraphs to all clearly tie back into my thesis, and for my paper to have clear direction. This too I was able to
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Unformatted text preview: accomplish, first by cleaning up my thesis and understanding what I wanted to do with this paper, and from there tying in my body paragraphs. There are many differences between my first and final drafts, but the most noticeable can be found in the introductory paragraph. I felt my body paragraphs were strong, only that they needed direction that would come once I nailed down my thesis statement. The thesis statement is drastically different in my final draft; it is more specific, more clearly identifies what Graham wants to accomplish, and explains why it is important that he tried to accomplish this. The introductory paragraph better leads into the thesis as well. while I did improve grammar and made some sentences more clear and focused, the main changes were in the opening paragraph. The only thing I would like you to know is that I am ready for any and all criticism, as I truly am looking to become a better writer....
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