Review Questions - 1) How did various visions of a...

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1) How did various visions of a reconstructed South differ? How did theses visions reflect the old political and social divisions that had led to the Civil War? There were two main visions for the reconstructed South; one was the Southern view and one was the northern view. The Northern view was the new view that essentially was that the freed slaves would be immediately included into southern society and have all the same rights and opportunities that white men had. The other view, the Southern view, reflected ore the social and political structure of the south before the civil War. They believed that the freed slaves should be inferior to the whites and have almost no rights. In many places they tried to ban them from voting, owning land, and even gaining their freedom. Schools were segregated and whites ruled. These were the two conflicting views of the new South. 2) What key changes did emancipation make in the political and economic status of African Americans? Discuss the expansion of citizenship rights in the post-Civil War years. To what extent did women share in the gains made by African Americans? Though it varied from place to place, the rights of the newly freed African American’s
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Review Questions - 1) How did various visions of a...

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