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Rudy Linnares – He had a 6

Rudy Linnares – He had a 6 - 5th Amendment...

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5 th Amendment Rudy Linnares – He had a 6-month-old child on life support who was going to be a vegetable for the rest of his life. Rudy wanted to get him off life support but the hospital demanded a court order. He went into the hospital with a gun and took the child off life support himself, and then surrendered himself to the police. It had to do with the right of the accused to be indited by a Grand Jury and not just a judge. Green v. Us - Green set his house on fire and in the process him wife was killed. In the courtroom the judge told the jury they could charge him with either first or second-degree murder. They charged him with second but his lawyer said arson death had to be first. Since there was no charge regarding first-degree murder it was considered double jeopardy and he was set free. His lawyer used Trono v. United States as a jumping off point. Baltimore City Department of Social Services v. Bouknight – Jacqueline Bouknight
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