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Seminar Notes 06:30 - Alice Elliott Dark, “In the Gloaming” Born in 1953 in Philadelphia. Got an MA from the Antioch University in London. Her career in writing started out with poetry. She produced a chapbook, a collection of poems in a small book, titled This is my Gun, Clyde. She has written two short story collections called Naked to the Waist and In the Gloaming and one novel, Think of England . Fun Fact: This story was made into a movie by Christopher Reeves ZIETGIESTS : Dark grew up around a lot of family; Grandparents, parents, and a few siblings. 1) Dark really believes in parents still having a strong relationship with their kids even when their kids are grown up. WRITE ON THE BOARD: Relationships -> 2) She understood the importance of using communication to bridge gaps in her family. I.E. Generational WRITE ON THE BOARD: Communication 3) Dark’s grandpa used to make a big deal about “The Gloaming” which influenced the story WRITE ON THE BORAD: The Gloaming ~~~~ - The Gloaming Now for the Story Itself P.O.V. 3 rd person omniscient because we get a glance into Laird’s, Janice’s and Martin’s thoughts CHARACTERS Janice Feels alone, never really got close to anyone except for Laird, needs someone to talk to and finds a captive audience in Laird (692) #1, Misses her children being young again (692) and (689), Craves Laird’s attention Laird
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33 years old, Weak and frail (694), Makes jokes and is in good spirits in the gloaming, Low self- esteem / Not a good victim (688) #2, Is kind of like Jesus - Laird” sounds like “Lord”, Christ died in 33 AD – Laird died at 33, Jesus died for our sins to redeem us, Through Laird’s death his parents came together meaning he died for their sins (704) !!!Not talkative except during the
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Seminar Notes - SeminarNotes 06:30 - Alice Elliott Dark, In...

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