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Slaughter House 5 - Roland Weary Wild Bob Paul Lazzaro Edgar Derby Valencia Merble Tralfamadorians Eliot Rosewater Kilgore Trout Howard W Campbell

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Slaughterhouse Five Study Guide Characters: Billy Pilgrim: The main protagonist of the story. An optometrist who is a survivor of the bombing of Dresden, he comes unstuck in time and the book is centered on his fragmented experiences. Kurt Vonnegut: Bernhard V. O’Hare: Mary O’Hare: Gerhard Muller:
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Unformatted text preview: Roland Weary: Wild Bob: Paul Lazzaro: Edgar Derby Valencia Merble: Tralfamadorians: Eliot Rosewater: Kilgore Trout: Howard W. Campbell, Jr. Werner Gluck: Montana Wildhack: Barbara Pilgrim: Bertram Copeland Rumfoord: Lily Rumfoord: Robert Pilgrim: Billy’s Mother: Billy’s Father:...
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