Social Injustice - The lower class had to be prevented from...

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Social Injustice  16:31 o “Not in my backyard” o Knowing (the “other”) Stereotypes Invisibility o Poverty isn’t it! Complete insecurity o You never know when you will be brutalized by police or subjected to countless other harms. o Peri-Urban Police South African black men who sided with the police in return for benefits Happened throughout history o Dehumanization When you dehumanize someone it makes it easier to ill or arrest them because you no longer feel any guilt Religion – Durkheim – Marx o Marx – Called religion an opiate of the masses o It was a way that one class could hold their position over another class o Religion existed to keep people down and not care about their lot because if they are faithful servants the next life will be plentiful Class is propagated by the industrial world o Your bosses are above you; there is a them and an us
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Unformatted text preview: The lower class had to be prevented from revolting o Keeping these people at the working level will lead to revolt o Segregation 1957 Dred Scott Decision o Ruled that African Americans could not sue because they were not citizens Civil War Amendments 13, 14, and 15 o 13. o 14: Overturned Dred Scott Decision o 15: The right to vote could not be obstructed by ones race. (Tried to let blacks vote) Plessey v. Ferguson 1896 o Separate but equal A quantitative statement not a qualitative one Thurgood Marshall (Hero Figure) o First black Supreme Court Justice o Used to search for separate but equal cases and found them in law and graduate schools. Brown v. The Board of Education o o White Flight...
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Social Injustice - The lower class had to be prevented from...

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