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social studies rome

social studies rome - Shoshana Wexler Social Studies One...

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Shoshana Wexler 6/5/10 Social Studies One historical event was the first Punic war. It all started when both Carthage and Rome wanted to control the island of Sicily. The war began in 264 B.C. it all started when the Romans sent an army to Sicily so Carthage would not takeover. The Carthaginians already had colonies on the island, ready to stop the invasion. Usually the Romans would fight their wars on land so they were never in need of a navy. But later they realized that they would have to fight Carthage at sea, so they quickly built ships, and were later ready to fight them. The war continued for 20 years. Then finally Rome beat Carthage's navy and Carthage was forced to leave and pay a huge fine to the Romans. Julius Caesar was a very successful military man. Him and 2 other men formed the first Triumvirate to rule Rome. Each man had a military command in a remote area of the republic. Caesar's was Gaul, which to day is modern France. He battled foreign tribes and invaded Britain. In the lower classes he became a great hero. But senators and others
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