ss Guppy - 2 No it will say how much of the things you can...

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Ariel Wexler 9-2-10 Social Studies Questions for S.S Guppy Disaster Project 1. Are we supposed to have the essay memorized? 2. On the list can we have multiple of the things? 3. Can we die at the end or should we survive? 4. Can we go crazy? 5. Can we make the essay into a journal? 6. Can we add a little back-story and some of the ending? 7. Should we describe the island? 8. Are we just doing how they survive or how they get off? 9. What’s the maximum amount of pages we can have? 10. Has anyone been on the island before? 11. Can we make a picture for extra credit? 12. Can we create the island? 13. Can I have an Ipod in my pocket? 14. Can we use things from books and shows? 15. Is there enough space to live on the island? 16. How tall are the palm trees? 17. were is the soil? Ariel Wexler 9/3/10 Social Studies Answers for S.S Guppy Disaster
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Unformatted text preview: 2. No it will say how much of the things you can have on the sheet. 5. Yes, but keep it to the point. 6. Yes 7. If you want. 8. If you want 9. As many as you want just not a novel. 10. No 11. Bonus points Noah- any pole but takes away from trees. Kenny- soil is somewhat fertile Joe- landed in summer Kenny- small section of coral reef Kenny- some seaweed in coral Noah- bushes=reasonable amount of berries Hannah-1 cow has milk Rahn- some calbs of coast Kenny- to get to reef swimm underneath Rahn- one calf per year Joe- Can’t plant on mountain Ariel Wexler 9/8/10 Social Studies Things for Project 1. small hut 2. 18 calories per day 3. pepples to mark parts 4. mate cows 5. collect everything each month 6. has to know weather 7. has to tell time 8. spear...
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ss Guppy - 2 No it will say how much of the things you can...

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