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US A.P. History Review Questions 1) What changes in preindustrial life and work were caused by the market revolution? Some of the major changes included the end of the putting out system because factories could make items of nearly the same quality but for much less money. Women were now being paid more and could support themselves and many families moved out to the big mills to live and work. Also, the apprentice-master system broke down because anything the artisans could do could be done in the factory for much less. 2) This chapter argues that when people being doing new kinds of work, their beliefs and attitudes change. Give three examples of such changes described in the chapter. Can you think of other examples? People started to believe in hard work because the harder they worked the more they got paid. This was only true until women began to strike because they were working just as hard as men on the sowing machines but were getting paid less. Another example is when men needed to feel
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