US History AP – Chapter 10

US History AP – Chapter 10 - US History AP...

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US History AP – Chapter 10 Review Questions 1) How did cotton production after 1793 transform the social and political history of the South? How did the rest of the nation benefit? In what way was it an international phenomenon? Before 1793 cotton production was not very profitable due to the fact that it took an entire day to hand clean a single pound of cotton. However, with the invention of the cotton gin in 1793, over 50 pounds of cotton could be cleaned a day, turning cotton into one of the staples of the Southern economy, and thus shaping the social and political history of the South. The South began to rapidly expand and move westward because cotton required a lot of land to grow. Socially it secured the African American’s spot in the South as an inferior being and politically it led to the civil war because of the South reliance on slavery to keep their economy alive. Southern slavery financed northern industrial development in the 19 th century. It was an international phenomenon because cotton was a key factor in many countries industrial revolutions. 2) What were the two key institutions of the African American slave community? How did they function and what beliefs did they express? The two key institutions of African American life were the family and the African American church. Families and marriage served as a haven of love of African Americans in such a cruel world. While not legalized, their masters often encouraged them to get married. Slave families believed that the husband and wife were equal and that the children should be taught the family history and be surrounded by a strong network of kinship. This was the second definition of
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US History AP – Chapter 10 - US History AP...

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