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Unformatted text preview: Team Project Assignment The second team assignment consists of two elements: A) Team Process, and B) Project. A - Team Process (5 points) Please discuss and report the following items: 1. Team Name 2. List of 5 things team members have in common 3. Statement of Team Goal 4. Name(s) of Project Leader 5. List of team "Ground Rules" 6. An integrated project plan for the second assignment (see example in the following table) Activities Start date Finish date Member Resource Risks 1. 2. 3. These items are due on September 19th with Part I of the Project. B – PROJECT (15 points): Managing Knowledge in High-Tech Companies 1. Choose a company. Identify a problem with how they manage their workers, organization or strategy and suggest a solution. 2. Integrate management concepts from class and the text into the problem and the solution. 3. Topic Examples: strategy, motivation, HRM, compensation, leadership. 4. Problem Examples: Challenges from environment, managing employees, organizational structure and culture, etc. EXPECTED RESULTS: No more than 15 page (double-spaced) final report which includes: Part I: General Descriptions of the company and problem(s), include: 1. Name of the company 2. Brief description of the company (Product, Recent Sales, SWOT Analysis) 3. Description of the problem(s) This part is due on Sept. 26th. Part II: Analysis and Recommendation: 1. Analysis of the causes of the problem(s) 2. Proposed solution(s) 3. What you learned from the team project 4. Bibliography (articles, books, web pages) I will give comments, but not grade, on part I of the report. Based on my comments, you can revise and “produce” a better final report. The final report is due at the beginning of the class on Oct. 31st. ...
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