(1) Trigonometry 8

1 trigonometry 8

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Unformatted text preview: Pre – Calculus Math 40S: Explained! www.math40s.com 75 Trigonometry Lesson 8: Part I – Ferris Wheels One of the most common application questions for graphing trigonometric functions involves Ferris wheels, since the up and down motion of a rider follows the shape of a sine or cosine graph. Example: A Ferris wheel has a diameter of 30 m, with the centre 18 m above the ground. It makes one complete rotation every 60 s. a) Draw the graph of one complete cycle, assuming the rider starts at the lowest point. b) Find the cosine equation of the graph. c) What is the height of the rider at 52 seconds? d) At what time(s) is the rider at 20 m? ---------------------------------------------------------------a. When you look at a Ferris wheel it 35 Midline at 18 m 30 Height (m) makes a circular motion. Do NOT draw a circle as your graph. The graph represents the up & down motion over...
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