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(1) Trigonometry 8

In the first half of the graph we can see the person

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Unformatted text preview: time. In the first half of the graph, we can see the person will go up from 3 m to 33 m in 30 seconds. In the second half, the person will go back down to 3 m. 25 20 15 10 5 b. a-value: We know the diameter of the wheel is 30 m, so the radius (which is the same as amplitude) will be 15 m. 2π 2π π = = P 60 30 time in either the cosine equation. Simplify and calculate with your TI-83 in radian mode π h(t ) = −15cos t + 18 30 π h(52) = −15cos 52 + 18 30 h(52) = 7.96 m pattern. d-value: The centre of the wheel is 18 m above the ground, so that will be the midline The cosine pattern is upside down, so you need to put a negative in front. π 30 30 40 50 60 Time (s) c-value: There is none in the cosine h(t) = -15cos 20 c. Method 1: Plug 52 s in for b-value: The period is 60 s, so: b= 10 d. Method 2: Put your calculator in radian mode and graph either the cosine function. 2nd Trace Value x = 52 This will calculate the height directly from the graph....
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