(1) Trigonometry 8

To find the times the rider is at 20 m graph a

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Unformatted text preview: To find the times the rider is at 20 m, graph a horizontal line in your TI-83 at y = 20, then find the points of intersection. t +18 The rider has a height of 20 m at 16.3 s and 43.7 s Pre – Calculus Math 40S: Explained! www.math40s.com 76 Trigonometry Lesson 8: Part I – Ferris Wheels In some Ferris wheel questions, you will be given the rotational speed in units of revolutions per second or revolutions per minute. You can use these values to find the period as follows: Example: A Ferris wheel rotates at 4 rev/min. What is the period in minutes & seconds? Think of it this way: there are 60 seconds in a minute. If it completes four revolutions, each one must take only 15 seconds. Thus, the period is 15 s. Conversion Reminder: Minutes Seconds Seconds: Multiply by 60 Minutes: Divide by 60 Ferris Wheel Questions --------------------------------------------------------------1....
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