M16_3_textbook - ch6

M16_3_textbook - ch6 - Chap ter D es igno fcom b inat iona...

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Unformatted text preview: Chap ter D es igno fcom b inat iona l sy stem s :m u lt i-leve lgate netw ork s Inth ischap terw ep resen t D es igno fm u lt ileve lnetw ork s .T ran sform at ion stosat isfycon stra in ts , suchasnum bero fgateinpu ts ,netw orks ize ,andnetw orkde lay . D es igno fnetw ork sw ith xor and xnor gates . D es igno fnetw ork sw ithm u lt ip lexers( mux es) . B asedonthed iscu ss ion inthep rev iou ssect ion ,itfo llow sthatthereare casesinwh ichthecon stra in tsandrequ irem en tso fan im p lem en tat ionarebetter m etbygatenetw ork sw ithm orethantw o leve ls ;theseareca lled m u lt ileve l netw ork s .Thedes igno fthesenetw ork sism orecom p lexthan fortw o-leve l ones ,forthefo llow ingreason s : Thereisnostandard form forthesenetw ork s( incon trasttothe and- or and or- and tw o-leve lnetw ork s) .C on sequen t ly ,alargevar ietyo f netw ork sisposs ib le . Inp ract ica lcases ,severa lrequ irem en tsandcon stra in tshavetobem et s im u ltaneou s ly .Them osttyp ica lrequ irem en tsarere latedtothes izeo f thenetw ork ,itsde lay ,andtheseto fgatesthatcanbeu sed . U sua llythesy stem hassevera lou tpu tsand ,tom eettherequ irem en ts ,it isnotposs ib letocon s idereachou tpu tseparate ly . C hap ter.D esigno fcom b ina tiona lsystem s:m u lti- leve lga tene tw orks D ueto itscom p lex ity ,thedes igno fm u lt ileve lnetw ork sisu sua llydoneu s ing cad too ls(ca lled log icsyn thes is too ls) ,excep tforveryregu larnetw ork s . Thesetoo lsu sean in it ia lrep resen tat iono fthenetw orkandthentran sform th isrep resen tat iontosat isfythecon stra in ts .Thepart icu larrep resen tat ion andthecorrespond ingtran sform at ion sdependonthespec ictoo l.S ign icant researchanddeve lopm en tisst illbe ingdoneinth isarea ,andbettertoo lsare be ingp roduced .A san in troduct iontotheideasunder ly ingthesetoo lsw enow descr ibeades ignp rocedu rethatcanbeu sedm anua lly fors im p lenetw ork sand illu stratesthetypeo ftran sform at ion sinvo lved .Thep rocedu reisasfo llow s : .O b ta insum o fp roductsorp roducto fsum sexp ress ion sforthefunct ion s o fthesy stem . .T ran sform theexp ress ion s(orthecorrespond ingtw o-leve lnetw ork s)so thattherequ irem en tsarem et .Th isresu ltsinm u lt ileve lnetw ork sw ith and , or ,and not gates .Som esu itab letran sform at ion sared iscu ssed in thenex tsect ion . .T ran sform thenetw orkresu lt ingfrom stepin toanequ iva len tonethat u sesgatesfrom theseto fgatesava ilab le .W eu setheseto fgatesde- scr ibed inT ab le..S incethede layands izeo f nand and nor gatesare sm a llerthanthosefor and and or gates ,w em a in lyrep lacethelatter gatesbytheform er .Th istran sform at ion isdoneby in troduc ingpa irso f com p lem en tat ion sina lllinesconnect ingeven leve lstoodd leve ls . Theu seo fothergates ,suchas xor and-inpu tm u lt ip lexersisd iscu ssed inthelasttw osect ion so ftheChap ter . A fterth isp rocessisperform ed ,itm igh tbethattherequ irednetw orkchar- acter ist ics ,suchasde layand/orarea ,arenotm et .Insuchacase....
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M16_3_textbook - ch6 - Chap ter D es igno fcom b inat iona...

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