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Physics midterm - o o o Alison Lindsay Physics midterm...

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Alison Lindsay Physics midterm 12/5/09 Sig Figs When multiplying and dividing you can only have the amount of significant digits as the smaller number in the equations. When adding and subtracting the answer goes out to the lowest place of the first 2 numbers. Accuracy Er= (|should have gotten- measured|/ should have gotten) *100=% Precision Reproducibility/ being able to get the same number over and over again Linear Kinematics Position o The position of an object is its location relative to some reference points o Symbols include- x, y, z ,r, s o Units- ft, mi, m ,km Displacement o The change in position of an object o Delta x= x2-x1 o vector Distance o If a change in position occurs, then length of the path taken o Scalar Velocity o VAverage= Delta x/ delta t o Displacement/ time o vector Instantaneous speed and velocity are determined by specific points in time Average speed= speed/ distance Acceleration o Change in the velocity/ change in time o Vector o (m/s)/s or m/s^2 Constant acceleration o Vaverage= ½ max v and occurs at the mdpt of the total time o Freefall Only gravity 9.8 m/s^2 Mass v. Weight Mass- kg; always the same; how much matter Weight- N; relationship between an object and a body Earth’s gravitational intensity- 9.8m/s^2
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Physics midterm - o o o Alison Lindsay Physics midterm...

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