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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA School of Business Administration INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND COMMERICAL POLICY/FBE 462 SAMPLE MIDTERM #1 Aris Protopapadakis The questions that follow are sample questions that I have used in previous exams. There is no implication that the questions in your exam will be the same or even similar. In addition to multiple choice questions, the exam will include a couple of questions that require calculations, graph recognition, and/or graph drawing. Among other things, you should definitely be able to: Read off quantities and prices from demand-supply diagrams, Compute all versions of surpluses, Compute productivities, prices, and quantities produced (when appropriate) from Ricardian model information (lots of examples between the class and the text), Draw and label properly production possibility frontiers (Ricardian or H-O), Recognize indifference curves and their role. Between the class examples and the text, there are plenty of examples for each of the items above.
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