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Unformatted text preview: 2 , which (23:00). If Q is high, this is very close to, but a little lower than F0 Q 1 . For Q=5, a low value for many types of systems, ωmax=0.99 ω0, and Amax is k (1 1 2 ) 2 4Q 5.03 times (rather than 5 times) the zero frequency value (26:20). French’s text is quite oriented to the use of Q. The fairly long discussion that follows is important. Applying a force to a moving object could be a challenge; Dr. Lewin refers to the case of a pendulum. It is much easier to apply a force at the suspension point, and much easier to impose a certain motion on the suspension point than to apply a specified force. In keeping with this, Dr. Lewin talks about a new variable, η (pronounced eta), which is the displacement of the suspension point from its initial position. The displacement of the pendulum bob itself (from the in...
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