If we make this substitution in the solutions the

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Unformatted text preview: still hold (the phase equation needs no change). Now we have A 020 2 (0 2 ) 2 ( ) 2 . Again, limiting cases are useful to consider and are fairly intuitive: for ω=0, A is η0 and δ is 0; at resonance, A is Qη0 and δ is π/2; and at very high frequency, A approaches 0 and δ is π (41:00). Some nice demonstrations follow. You can now watch them in an informed way. In the air table demo (49:00), note the initial transient behaviour; we will discuss this later in the course. Unfortunately, the “Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse” movie has been removed from the video lecture for copyright reasons. This movie is, however, easily accessible on the Internet. Regarding the possibility of breaking wine glasses vocally, the popular Discovery Channel show “MythBusters” demonstrated a rock star doing this. You may be able to find this demo online as well. However, please do not try this yourself! 2...
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