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Unformatted text preview: PHYS 302: Unit 3 Viewing Notes – Athabasca University PHYS 302: Vibrations and Waves - Unit 3 Viewing notes As in Unit 2, Lewin considers a mass on a spring, with b/m=γ and ω02=k/m. Initially, a force F0cos ωt is considered to be applied to the object. Summing the forces in Newton’s second law, mx kx bx F0 cos t ; and much like near the central, mathematically-oriented “18 minutes” of Unit 2, in the complex plane, reorganized, and with the RHS nonzero, one gets z 0 z z 2 F0 m e jt (3:30). We propose a solution z Ae i (t ) , which represents, in the long term, an imposition of vibration at frequency ω. This is the steady state solution: although it changes in time because of the vibration, the overall state does not change; it just keeps vibrating...
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