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Adding Elements to Forms in Dreamweaver, Part 1 Transcript Slide 1: In this tutorial, we will add additional web form elements to an existing form in Dreamweaver. Slide 2: We will first add a set of checkboxes to our form. Checkboxes are used when you want to allow for the selection of multiple items from a set. To add a checkbox, select the insert checkbox from the forms toolbar. Slide 3: You will be prompted for a name along with accessibility options for your checkbox. Slide 4: Enter a name for your checkbox. The name of each different checkbox in your form must be unique to that checkbox. Slide 5: Now add a value that will be transmitted when the box is checked. It is not required that this value be unique. Slide 6: Enter checkboxes for the remaining entries. Slide 7: Next we are going to enter a selection list. Slide 8: To enter a selection list, click the List/Menu button on the Forms Toolbar.
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Unformatted text preview: Slide 10: Like all form elements, you need to assign a name to the selection list. Slide 11: Select the List radio button to make the entries a list. Slide 12: Enter the number of lines high you would like your list to display. Slide 14: Select allow multiple if you would like your user to be able to select multiple entries. The user will have to use their control key in order to select the multiple entries. Slide 15: Click the List Values button to enter the values for the list. Slide 16: Add the Label and Value for all of the selections in your list. Although these values are usually unique, it is not required. Slide 18: For this exercise, you will delete the text you entered into the list. Slide 19: This concludes this tutorial. If you have more questions, please contact your instructor....
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