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SQLREADME - chapter problems 1 18 make sure you first...

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README.DOC For Database Systems: Design, Implementation and Management Seventh Edition Peter Rob Carlos Coronel Course Technologies Note for SQL Users Please make sure that you use one database table creation script at a time. If you need to run another database table creation script, first make sure that you delete all tables in your schema. For example, to work the examples that appear in Chapter 8, Advanced SQL, you must first run the ADVSQLBINIT.SQL script. If you then want to work on the
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Unformatted text preview: chapter problems 1 - 18, make sure you first delete all the tables already in your schema before running the Ch08_SimpleCo.SQL script. If you fail to do so, the scripts will not execute successfully and the data set may be incorrect. If you run each SQL table creation script using a different User Id (schema) you will not have this problem....
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