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Sep 30 2010Marketing%20I%20-%20Nickels%20Chap%2014

Sep 30 2010Marketing%20I%20-%20Nickels%20Chap%2014 -...

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1 Chapter 14 Marketing: Building Customer and Stakeholder Relationships 1 What Is Marketing? Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of goods and services to facilitate exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.” 4 Evolution of Marketing Production Era - Up to early 1900s Selling Era - 1920s-1950s 5 6 1951 Prestone Antifreeze 7 1937 Moffat Electric Range 8 1931 Hoover Vacuum Cleaner
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2 Evolution of Marketing Marketing Concept Era - 1950s- 1990s Customer Relationship Management Era-1990s+ 9 Elements in the Marketing Mix- 4 Ps Product Price Place Goods Service Features Accessories Packaging Instructions Warranty Branding Options List price Credit terms Allowances Flexibility Discounts Channel type Intermediaries Market coverage Transport mode Promotion Objectives Advertising Personal selling Publicity
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Sep 30 2010Marketing%20I%20-%20Nickels%20Chap%2014 -...

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