Set28 2010 Guest%20Lecture%20Slides%20Sep%2028-10

Set28 2010 Guest%20Lecture%20Slides%20Sep%2028-10 -...

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9/29/2010 1 September 28, 2010 1 Operations Management Instructor: Dave Swanston September 28, 2010 2 Operations Analysis in Services Distinctive Characteristics of Services • Customers are inputs • Intangibility : creative advertising, no patent protection, importance of reputation • Perishability : cannot inventory, opportunity loss of idle capacity, need to match supply with demand • Heterogeneity : customer participation in delivery process results in variability • Simultaneity : opportunities for personal selling, interaction creates customer perceptions of quality • Customer Participation in the Service Process : attention to facility design but opportunities for co-production September 28, 2010 3 Operations Analysis in Services Open Systems view of services • Customers as participants • Managers role includes both production and marketing • The process is the product • Customers impressions are based on total service experience
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9/29/2010 2 September 28, 2010 4
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Set28 2010 Guest%20Lecture%20Slides%20Sep%2028-10 -...

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