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Lecture 2 Social Transformation: Class Review: European Trade 1 Social Transformation: The Upper Class and Business The New Corporate Structure: Concentration, Integration, and Growth The Industrial/Financial "Plutocracy" Growth of Management: From Entrepreneurial to Managerial Leadership 2 Social Transformation: The Middle Class Bigger Corporations, Developing Markets, New Technologies: The White Collar Middle Class Toward the Modern Middle Class
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Unformatted text preview: • "Organized Capitalism" 3 Social Transformation: The Working Class • Factory Labor as Hereditary Condition • Social and Cultural Isolation: The "Industrial Suburbs" • Class Patterns: Speech, Street Life, Leisure, Sexuality, Physical Shame, Family Life, De-Christianization . . . • The Threat From "Below" 4 "Crisis" of Class Society? Not Really • Incomes • Population and Mortality • "Municipal Som" • The Discovery of Rural Poverty...
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