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Statistical Analysis: an Introduction using R/R basics 1 Statistical Analysis: an Introduction using R/R basics Why R? R is a command-driven statistical package. At first sight, this can make it rather daunting to use. However, there are a number of reasons to learn statistics using this computer program. The two most important are: R is free: you can download it from http:/ / www. r-project. org and install in onto just about any sort of computer you like. R allows you to do all the statistical tests you are likely to need, from simple to highly advanced ones. This means that you should always be able to perform the right analysis on your data. An additional bonus is that R has excellent graphics and programming capabilities, so can be used as an aid to teaching and learning. For example, all the illustrations in this book have been produced using R; by clicking on any illustration, you can obtain the R commands use to produce it. A final benefit, which is of more use once you have some basic knowledge of either statistics or R, is that there are many online resources to help users of R. A list is available in the appendix to this book. How to use this book with R The main text in this book describes the why and how of statistics, which is relevant whatever statistical package you use. However, alongside the main text, there are a large number of "R topics": exercises and examples that use R to illustrate particular points. You may find that it takes some time to get used to R, especially if you are unfamiliar
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R+Supplement+-+1.2+-+Wikibooks+R+Basics - Statistical...

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