6 - structure of family, strong social structure, sort of...

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Taylor Steinberg September 6th 2011 Sociology Notes what is sociology? care about more than just the individual Systematic study of ind. and social structures sociologist looks at the relationship btwn. ind. and society includes institutions: family military economy politics law education workplace religion systematic approach to understanding the causes of social problems SCIENCE Sociological Imagination (the reading that we did) Mills offers analysis…Problems aren't just fixed with medicine, look at the bigger picture. . "it is true, as phychoanal. . Moving away from thinking in terms of the individual and her problem and focusing on the social, comic, and historical circ. surrounding the problem personal troubles vs. issues systematic larger Structure :(History) relates to the broader macro-forces that shape out behavior. religion, politics, economics, cultures, law, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: structure of family, strong social structure, sort of shapes how you end up • Agency :(Biography) refers to our ability to do things. we make choices and act accordingly teachers sets it up for you to get the A (structure) agency is your choice to choose to get the A ^^fundamentally interrelated and dependent on each other, they are causal structure affects choices culuture= structure, therefore affects are agency of what we wear, eat, etc. Sociology as Empirical Project ⁃ one main task of the sociologist is to uncover how structure affects human/social behavior ⁃ Sociologists analyze a variety of institutional context to understand how and why social life is organized the way it is ⁃ we do this using a variety of methods and data methods:interview, collect numbers, use stats., survey all of us. .then compare data...
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6 - structure of family, strong social structure, sort of...

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