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Red terms for mid term

Red terms for mid term - 7 Articles of Confederation 8...

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History: Red terms for mid term 1. Paxton Boys: legacy of racial hatred and political resentment. 2. North Carolina regulators 3. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense (1776): put it in common language so that people could understand the need for independence 4. Stamp Act 5. First Continental Congress 6. Saratoga (Oct 1777)
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Articles of Confederation 8. Treaty of Paris 1783 9. African Americans & the Revolution 10. “Sentiments of an American Woman” 11. Northwest Ordinance: 12. Shays’ Rebellion 13. Federalist Papers 14. Alexander Hamilton 15. Bill of Rights 16. Virginia and Kentucky Resolution...
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