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Hist 2111 Montgomery Wolf Fall 2009 The midterm will consist of two parts. In the first part, worth 25%, you will define 4 ID’s taken from the list of “Key Terms” noted in red in the lecture Power Points. You should define the terms (give who, what, where, when as applicable) AND give their historical significance. In the second part of the exam, you will answer one essay question. This portion is worth 75% of the midterm. Below are the three possible questions for the midterm exam for this course. One of the following questions will appear on the exam. You should be prepared to offer a well-written, analytical essay. In your essay, be sure to draw on a variety of course sources (lectures, the textbook, Rowlandson, Franklin, and the reserves material – but you don’t need to cite them) to offer specific examples that will support your argument. How was it that thirteen separate British colonies, comprised of diverse populations, were able to
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Unformatted text preview: come together, first, to fight and win a revolution and, second, to arrive at a consensus on a new form of government? Outline first the elements that divided colonists, then the ways the colonists were able to overcome those divisions in support of the war and then the Constitution of 1787. "The European backgrounds of the colonists and their ongoing conversations with Europe played a larger role than the environment and the peculiar problems of the New World in shaping American character ca 1607-1800." Assess the validity of this statement. Trace the development of an American social and political identity ca 1607 to 1800. How did white settlers in America gradually develop an American identity and ideology distinct from their European roots? What were the major turning points in that transition and why?...
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